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Conference Schedule

Meals are complimentary and catered. Please register for meals

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

  10:30 AM Coffee & Snacks

  11:00 AM Seminar: Jonathan Master, You Must Be Born Again!

  12:10 AMSeminar: Jonathan Gibson, Pay Careful Attention: Life & Doctrine 

  1:00 PM Lunch (BBQ Pork)

  2:25 PMSeminar: Melton Duncan, Lessons on the Ruling Elder from Samuel Miller

  3:45 PMSeminar: David Strain, The Love of God & Progressive Sanctification

  4:45 PM Season of Prayer

  5:45 PM Supper (Chicken & Ribs)

  7:15 PMSeminar: Jon Payne, Don't Shrink Back! 

  8:45 PM Seminar: Harry Reeder, Amazing Grace: 40 Years of Ministry in the PCA

Thursday, May 5, 2022

  10:30 AM Seminar: Ian Hamilton, History & Decline of the Church of Scotland

  11:30 AMSeminar: Rick Phillips, Recovering Biblical Leadership in Worship

  12:30 PMLunch Seminar: Panel Discussion on PCA Future

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